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Thank you for visiting my website!
I started making game calls a few years ago and I never ever thought in my live I would one day make a small living out of it.
It just happened due to an ever increasing demand for the products that we proudly make ourselves on a small scale basis here in Belgium, Europe.

Our production is based on genuine pioneering and improving constantly without any compromise towards sound and overall quality.

This takes a lot of time, patience and hard work but also proved to be very successful in the long run as our products have been voted very best in their kind in several international and independent hunting forums and this without ever having paid for any publicity.

Gamecalling is, in our eyes, all about realism, fieldcraft and being in touch with the animals.
It is not about making huge amounts of cheap, often inferior products and selling them with lots of marketing and publicity which seems to be the path of many of our larger colleagues today.

Although we are making all kinds of calls, prime focus until now has been on the European corvid family.
Fine tuning and perfecting these, together with finding out everything there is to know about corvid communication has taken most of our spare time in recent years.

Making game calls is for me a truly deep and profound passion, a passion for wildlife, nature, hunting and constantly finding out about animal life and communication, a never ending  and fascinating story, in many ways we have been pioneering in the subject and became over the years a standard reference in how first class game calling is done.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site as much as I did making it!
Feel free to contact me at any time for remarks, questions or suggestions.  Main language of this site is English but we can also handle any inquiries in Dutch, French and German.

Kind regards,

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