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Fine European game calls
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The original shed where the very first instruments were made.
Having a small workplace like this and being able to constantly create and fine tune calls without any commercial pressure makes all the difference.

As son and grandson of cabinet makers, Sam his family were and are genuine nature lovers.  Not of the theoretical, dogmatic kind which seems to be an ever present problem in our modern European society but a family of bird banders, lure/fly fishermen, hunters and nature photographers.

I remember the days and evenings when I joined my father for banding birds of prey as a little kid.  We used to call in long eared owls with small brass whistles, it always fascinated that these magnificent animals reacted so well to these instruments.

It was this personal curiosity, together with the hunger for more and the family roots in woodworking which triggered the hobby production in later years.

Our very first calls were made on simple machinery and with a lot of creativity.  We wanted to determine the parameters in a game call which resulted in a perfect imitation of the European carrion/hooded crow and wanted, at the same, obtain the highest possible volume.

Corvids could be hunted all year around in Belgium and on top of that they are very intelligent which presented a real challenge to the true hunter or photographer.
The day we cracked it we were the very first in the world (and we still are) who could imitate these birds exactly and this in a volume which was never before achieved in a crow call.  At the same time we started with analyzing the vocabulary of these birds which took several months before really understanding it.

One of the very first calls I made out of exotic wood, this one was made for my uncle Adhemar Neyt, one fine nature photographer and a great man who thought me a lot about woodworking.

The second call we developed was an imitation of a Eurasian Magpie in Distress, which was a perfect back up call to present to local and more experienced corvids a different sound.

Many people do not know that magpies, crows and Jays are to a large extent 'compatible' when it comes to game calling.
One sound of a particular member of the corvid family can trigger the other members of the family.

Due to the increasing demand from abroad we decided to start a small business.
In this process we never lost our touch with what really mattered, quality, both towards realistic sound generation and used materials.

We did similar extensive tests for roe-calling in recent years, just like we did for the European corvid family.
Using all kinds of homemade prototype calls, constantly testing and finetuning, finally resulting in the birth of Belblatt in 2019.
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